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Delegation of UNFPA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Visits CPDRC

Time: 2023-11-15 AUTHOR: Text by Che Lulu, Photos by Li Runhua SOURCE: CPDRC

On the afternoon of November 1, 2023, Mr. Aleksandar Sasha Bodiroza, Deputy Director of UNFPA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, along with Ms. Ira Ovesen, Deputy Representative of UNFPA China, paid a visit to CPDRC. The delegation toured CPDRC's library and cultural wall. Director-General HE Dan, Director WANG Hui from the Population Research Department, Associate Researcher LIU Houlian from the Data Laboratory, and representatives from the General Office and International Cooperation Department engaged in in-depth discussions with the delegation on China's population data, forecasts, and reproductive health, and reached consensus on collaboration. 

Director-General HE Dan extended a warm welcome to the delegation and expressed gratitude for the continuous support provided by UNFPA over the years. She highlighted CPDRC's role as a national high-end think tank on fronts such as population data, population projection, reproductive health, and fertility support policies. Emphasizing the crucial support of UNFPA in the founding of CPDRC, she expressed willingness to share CPDRC's research findings with developing countries. LIU Houlian briefed the delegation on the status quo of China's population statistics and population projection, showcasing CPDRC's population projection software and emphasizing its outstanding advantages in data development and utilization. WANG Hui shared insights on reproductive health and fertility support policies, providing an overview of the fundamental aspects of induced abortion among reproductive-age women in China and detailing China's efforts to build up and enhance a comprehensive support system from time, economy, service, and cultural dimensions against the backdrop of low birth rates.  

Mr. Bodiroza lauded CPDRC's contributions in the areas of population projection, reproductive health, and fertility support. He expressed deep admiration for CPDRC's policy support capabilities and outcomes, affirming its strong potential for collaboration. Highlighting the significant changes in China's population structure and the valuable experiences China has gained in technology and policy responses, he stressed the importance of collaborative efforts, resource mobilization, and promotion of exchanges and South-South cooperation to elevate the partnership to a new level.  

Population serves as a fundamental element for sustainable development in the realms of economy, society, environment, and resources. The meeting strengthened the partnership between the two sides, facilitating discussions on potential areas for future collaboration and shaping a consensus to actively address the challenges and risks associated with population and development.