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Call for Paper: The First International Conference on Population and Development of Asian Developing Countries Call for Paper

Updated : 2018-03-21 SOURCE : CPDRC

(The Second Announcement)
If it were said that 21st century is the century of Asia, it would be largely due to the huge number of Asian population which is accounted for about 60 percent of the world population. Asia is the most populous area in the developing countries of the world as well. Among the first ten largest countries in the world from population perspective, five of them are located in Asia, i.e., China (1st), India (2nd), Indonesia (4th), Pakistan (6th), and Bangladesh (8th).
Developing country, just as its name, implies the countries which are under the process of developing. Such countries are or were backward. They have the same experiences, possess the similar condition and social and natural environment, and are provided with the potential advantage of post-development. They could learn from each other, work in collaboration, and ultimately realize common development. Chinese government has put forward an idea of the community of human destiny, aiming to advocate the common development, especially among the developing countries.
We take Population and Development as the main theme of the conference so as to promote research in these fields in Asian developing countries through sharing academic opinions and displaying research results enhance “South-South Cooperation“ and the common development among “One Belt One Road” countries. The purpose of this conference is to provide a platform for equal communication among the scholars in the developing countries of Asia.
Complying with the broader thematic areas the content of the conference will cover a number of issues like fertility, marriage, family, mortality, morbidity, health, ageing, poverty, education, migration, gender, public policy, governance, development, human resource planning and social security etc. Apart from plenary meeting and group session, the conference organizer will also arrange participants to visit some best practice areas in development in the south-west of China.
The venue of the conference is at Dianchi Garden Resort Hotel (see the photos below), close to Dianchi Lake, in Kunming City, Yunnan province, China, and will be held on August 6-8. China Population and Development Research Center, Institute of Population Research of Peking University, Institute of Population Research of Yunnan University, Institute of Population Research of Zhejiang University, United Nation Population Fund, Netinsearch International -Network for Integrative Research in Bangladesh, and the Department of Population Sciences of University of Dhaka jointly host the conference. The Institute of Population Research of Yunnan University is the local organizer of the conference.
For some scholars who intend to attend this conference, please submit an abstract within 500 words, including the title, research problems or hypothesis, data and methods, and tentative conclusions, to the email address: The deadline for submitting the abstracts is the 15th of May, 2018.
There is no registration fee for attending the conference. The participants from developing countries in Asia whose abstracts are accepted will be provided with three-day lodging and food with free of charge in Kunming during the time of the conference. The round trip will be paid by participants themselves. For Chinses delegates, the food will be provided free of charge, and the trip and lodge will be paid by themselves. For more information, please visit the website of the Conference:


Organizing Committee
March 21, 2018

The Venue Hotel

The members of the Organizing Committee are visiting and working at the Venue Hotel

The Dianchi Lake nearby the Venue Hotel

The location of the Venue Hotel in Kunming City (Red)