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Officials of 2017 Ministerial-Level Seminar for Population and Development Strategies in Developing Countries Visit CPDRC

Updated : 2017-05-27 AUTHOR : Ma Wei SOURCE : CPDRC

May 18, 2017 –Officials from the 2017 ministerial-level Seminar for Population and Development Strategies of Developing Countries visited the Population and Development Research Center(the “Center”) in the afternoon. The seminar consisted of 24 officials from Panama, Uganda, Malawi, Lebanon and other countries, 9 of whom are ministerial-level officials.

Through the introduction of China’s ideology, approaches and practice of comprehensively addressing population issues , this seminar is intended to share the experience in incorporating population issues into national socio-economic economic development, poverty alleviation , and sustainable development, with the aim of improving the planning and administrative capabilities in population programme management, sustainable development and poverty alleviation in developing countries.

Ms He Dan, Director General of the Center, welcomed the delegation and introduced the function, mission, organizational structure and research fields of the Center. Dr Liu Hongyan, Deputy Director-General hosted the meeting and introduced the role of demographic studies in China's national policy making. The researchers of the Center introduced China’s experience in health and poverty alleviation, 13th Five-Year Plan’ s strategies for poverty alleviation, and PADIS-INT international demographic projection software. The officials showed great interest in China’s experience, and asked for more information on the use of and training for PADIS-INT population projection software. The seminar enhanced better understanding of the Center for the participants, and provided a good opportunity for the Center to share the experience in population and development researches with the participants from other developing countries.