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Population Projection Software PADIS-INT

In 2010, CPDRC and Digital China jointly developed PADIS-INT, an international population projection software. With cohort-component method, PADIS-INT supports multi-scenario (low, medium and high) and multi-group/region population projection for the group aged at 1 or 5, with projection period up to 400 years.

PADIS-INT adopts 6 UN official languages and the real population data (1950-2015) and population projections (2015-2100) of all countries and regions as provided in the World Population Prospects (2015) of the UN Population Division.

PADIS-INT has played a vital role in perfecting evaluation on the target population for China’s fertility policy and projected changes in newborn population. It’s accessible for free on the website and widely used by Brazil, India, Turkey, Kenya and Ghana for population projection. For more information, please visit:http://www.padis-int.org/.

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